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  • Richa Gaur posted

    Have you heard of timeboxing? Try the "timeboxing" way of work to manage a multitude of tasks.

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    International Day of Rural Women

    The United Nations International Day of Rural Women celebrates and honors women and girls living in rural areas on 15 October each year. It recognizes the huge role that rural mothers, daughters, and grandmothers play in producing food, and building agricultural and rural development worldwide.

    Women on Wings is on a mission to create livelihood opportunities for women in rural India. Together with its business partners, Women on Wings aims to create one million jobs for women in rural India. A job means an income, economic autonomy, and an escape from the cycle of poverty. Research shows that women spend their income on their families. Children can go to school, which increases their chances of a better future.

    Watch this video to know the impact Women on Wings is creating in the lives of rural India:

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    This week's tip!
    Change for any organization is inevitable. Here are the 3 steps to equip your organization to thrive despite a state of constant change.

  • Please join us for the Launch of the Jute Sutra at IKAAI.
    Powered by Lucknow Farmers market.

    🗓 8th October 2021
    📍 Hyatt Regency, Lucknow

    #juteforlife #jutesutra #ikaai #lucknowfarmersmarket #launchdate #lucknow

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    This week's tip!

    Being engaged, motivated during uncertain times is a tough task. We bring you these 3 strategies to stay motivated and sail through uncertainty.

    - Set expectations with realistic optimism
    - Adopt bigger-picture thinking
    - Embrace candor

  • Festival season is round the corner and we must all be planning to get ready with the festive mood of shopping , decorating and gifting.

    Action Center for Transformation ( ACT) , non-profit social development organization , under the brand ‘Paper Wings’ is back again with the Diwali festival handmade products from the paper crafters. There are several paper products made by the women clusters who creates sustainable products of art and creativity. The products range from table decor, home décor, jewellery & accessories etc.

    Diwali Festival Products are Eco candles, String light with bells, Door strings, Wind chyme, Coasters, Planters, Baskets etc.These products are colorful, eco-friendly, sustainable and will suit your home this festival season.

    Look at the catalogue for more details and pricing. You can reach us on 7428246011 / 9711540102 or write to us at [email protected] and [email protected]

    I hope community members will show support by spreading the word and sharing the catalogue with the right platforms.

    **We are accepting bulk orders too.

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    This week's management tip:
    Don’t be afraid to cut your losses: life is all about choices.

    Too often, we hold on to things even after they’ve run their course.
    Think about that relationship you couldn’t give up on or the job you stayed in despite a boss who made you miserable.
    These five strategies in the graphics can help you figure out when it’s time to throw in the towel.

  • Richa Gaur posted

    This week's tip.

    The management tip is about Understanding the secrets from the science of persuasion.
    Today, we bring you inspiration for better sales with the festival season around the corner.

    Watch the video to learn more about Dr. Robert Cialdini’s 6 scientifically validated principles of persuasion with the result of increasing turnover:

    Dr. Robert Cialdini is widely regarded as the “Godfather of influence”. He developed a unique program founded upon the ethical practice of influence and persuasion that leads to growth and success in business.


    Kalanjali is an annual solo exhibition organized during Navratri by Sahaj in Vadodara. This exhibition which started 20 years back has taken a shape of a movement. Our customer, friends and well wisher eagerly wait for the event.

    For Sahaj, this is not just an event. This is an opportunity for us to interact with customers, get reviews, feedback, suggestions on products. We have constantly received the love and support from the community.

    Kalanjali is a huge motivation for our women artisans who are in Dahod. Their handmade craft products are sold and liked by many from the urban areas. For these women artisans, preparing for Kalanjali is a matter of pride & self-respect and each product sold is a personal satisfaction for them.

    Over the years we have made the products in Apperal, Life style and aceesories, Home decoration and Stationery and utilities.

    You can view these products on

    Last year pandemic did not allow us to hold the annual exhibition hence we decided to utilize the time by doing capacity building of women artisans, develop new line of products and enhance the existing products.

    This year we will hold Kalanjali exhibition for 2 days instead of 4 days. The details of the exhibition

    Date: 17th September and 18th September

    Time: 10.00 am to 8.00 pm

    Address: Splatter Studio
    22, Anandnagar Society Productivity Road. opp. Navjivan Hospital,
    Vadodara. Gujarat. 390020

  • They all say...
    "सवार हो जाए जुनून जब सर पर की मुझे कुछ पाना है,
    रह जाएगा फिर क्या इस दुनिया में जो हाथ नहीं आना है।।"

    370 new trained artisans have made JUTE FOR LIFE more bigger.

    Support Jute - Support a Life

  • Richa Gaur posted

    Write a to-do list that works

    If you are like most people, you have got some tasks on your to-do list that you just dread tackling.
    If tasks seem overwhelming, it’s usually because you are looking at them as whole projects, rather than individual tasks.  

    To create an approachable to-do list, break each project down into bite-size, easy to complete actions.
    For example, planning a launch meeting consists of small tasks like emailing participants and reserving meeting rooms.
    If you write all those small tasks on your to-do list rather than the daunting “organize the launch-event”, you will find them much easier to take care of because each one won’t require much thought at a time. Complete enough of these small tasks and your big project will soon be done.

  • Workshops are being conducted in 12 different batches from Aug 13th till September 6th 2021 to provide training to 370 women artisans to improve their economic status.

  • Workshops are being conducted for skill development by Lucknow Multi Products Cluster to enhance the process towards getting a job and to encourage to live a decent livelihood for rural women from Aug 13th till September 6th 2021 for 370 women artisans in 12 different batches.

  • Workshops are being conducted for skill development by Lucknow Multi Products Cluster to enhance the process towards getting a job from Aug 13th till September 6th 2021 for 370 women artisans in 12 different batches.

  • Richa Gaur posted

    When we work remotely, building meaningful relationships, visibility is the greatest concern. Learn from these 4 tips to stay visible while working remotely.

  • Richa Gaur posted

    When you move away from a 9-to-5 culture

  • We are happy to inform that we are a fully vaccinated enterprise with all our rural workers completing their vaccination on time and without hesitate. # vaccination #fighting COVID-19🦠😷

  • As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and endless memories. Preserve your precious snaps in our eco-friendly handmade photoframe and handmade paper fabric diary made by rural women artisans. Make a gift of it to loved ones or friends or hoard one for yourself.

    During this tough time support our artisans by gifting the memories to your father.

  • The seventeen United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030.
    All of us here at this platform is contributing to a number of SDGs. 👐

    This month’s SDG is number 1 – NO POVERTY 🚫

    For all of us here to share experiences and learnings to achieve our goal. ✍