Woman's health through a lost recipe- Genfo

Woman's health was given highest priority all over the world. Deep into any culture, women especially during pregnancy & after delivery had been nourished with wonderful recipes that ensures her health there after. In recent recent research for lactating woman's recipes from different countries we found this amazing "Ethiopian Recipe"- Genfo

Genfo- a porridge made with barley or husked wheat is given to pregnant & lactating women for stronger back and improving the breast milk quality as well as quantity.

"Genfo is usually made with slow roasted barley or wheat, butter and jaggery and made into a thick creamy porridge in a clay pot stirred with a wooden spoon."

This ensures hydration, also acts as diuretic making it so good for weight loss and diabetic.

But over times, this 150 year old amazing recipe was overlooked and completely vanished even in the culture of Ethiopia. But we guess it's time to reconstruct it and nourish ourselves with the goodness of barley.