Much Needed Winter Essentials: Food Edition

Diving into December, it's officially that time of the year, when you have to not only modify your wardrobe, but your food preferences as well. Amidst the heavy fog, and cold air tickling us, it’s natural to crave for warm comforting foods like vadas, pakoras, samosas and kachoris.

However, it is important to be mindful of your calorie intake and avoid unhealthy snacking. Instead opt for super-healthy nutritious alternatives that will boost your energy levels, metabolism and immunity as well. Make a wise choice when it comes to snacking as stocking up on high-calorie food often makes one stressed, and tired. Here’s a list of healthy delights you can indulge in during winter for that extra mood boost.

High Calorie Porridge

Porridge is one of winter’s only redeeming features ( ). There’s nothing on those dark, freezing mornings to tempt you out of bed like the thought of a steaming bowl of creamy goodness as you get ready for the day ahead. It’s the ultimate hug-in-a-bowl and in winter when we’re not planning to leave our houses all that much, we need the warm embrace of porridge all the more.

Expert Take: Easier, Tastier, Softer porridge can be made with tossing in some dry fruits and roasted whole nuts

Ragi is loaded with vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, vitamin E, antioxidants, and calcium. Additionally, it also contains fibres, proteins, unsaturated fats, and sufficient calories. The stomach and intestines display peak levels of metabolism early in the morning.

Consuming ragi-based breakfast activates the digestive juices. The Super companion of healthy brekkie is the Hot Chocolate Ragi! Why not check out this crazy recipe here Choco Ragi Drink ( )

Expert Take: Ragi Upma and Ragi Paranthas are wholesome and indigenous Breakfast options to start your day with

Kesar is quite possibly of the most underestimated zest that warmingly affects the body.

Saffron tea, otherwise called Kashmiri kahwa is a customary Kashmiri beverage. You can set up the tea by implanting saffron, cloves and cinnamon in water, and afterward flavor it with cardamom.

Albeit this is the time of party, it is additionally an opportunity to get seasonal influenza. Furthermore, that is the reason it is essential to deal with your wellbeing, like never before. However, fortunately there are a lot of home cures that can assist your body with battling diseases.

Expert Take: Consuming kesar, otherwise called saffron, keeps your body warm, safeguards your skin against free radicals, helps with weight reduction and keeps disease and Alzheimer's under control. It is likewise known for its restorative advantages, and numerous Indians enjoy saffron milk during winters

Gond is our nation's very own gummy/candy. As winter knocks at your door, you might have noticed your Granny preparing Gond Ladoo. It is loved by both kids and adults alike. Gond Ladoo is the best warming food during winter and is quite a healthy snack especially in North India. It contains natural Gond (edible gum) which is extracted from the bark of trees.

Expert Take: The combo of fat, fiber and protein is good for carrying and lactating mothers ( ) to meet the extra calories requirement and to speed up recovery.

Wholesome Oils
Processed oils are one of the body’s worst enemies. What you want to consume are healthy oils, such as sesame oil, coconut oil, and virgin olive oil. As these oils are extremely dense in calories, they’ll help you gain healthy weight and mass. Not only will these oils improve your health, but will also make your salads way better.

Expert Take: Cold Pressed Oils are our go-to for a nutrilicious diet

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