Danielle Pels
Danielle Pels

The basic principles of Social Media

It is very important to stay connected with your audience in order to have them visit your business today online, so they will reconnect with you tomorrow in real-life. Social media is the ideal method for that. These are 8 basic principles of social media:

1. Create desire
You can create desire by showing your products or services. Maybe not all products sell good now, but some will.

2. Inspire your (potential) customer
People need inspiration. They find this online, often on social media. So be there and share inspiring content.

3. Create relevant content
Start storytelling of your brand. Stay visible! Ideas for content: a quiz, a day out of the life of an employee, everyday activities, recipes, facts and figures.

4. Show ‘real life’ content
Share original content of women artisans/farmers you work with. Tell their stories and show what they do to survive. People are interested in this. You can inspire people with their strength, doubts and entrepreneurship.

5. Be consistent in your design
Always use the same colors and banners. Develop a unique style for your company.

6. Don’t forget a Call To Action (CTA)
Make an offer people can’t refuse and make it easy for them to buy your product with a clear call to action.

7. Collect reviews
Collect reviews. Ask your employees, partners, ambassadors, influencers or customers to write a review online. Or even better: let them make a short movie.

8. Start a conversation
Interact with your audience. This will create customer loyalty. You can do this by referring to the news, placing recognizable content, being personal, asking good questions, showing emotions and @mention people.

Share your best practice with the community! I am very curious!

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