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  • When we launched this community platform in February 2020, we never imagined that the corona pandemic would impact ALL OF US by March 2020. And that our team and experts would no longer be able to travel to our partners to work on their growth plans.
    By April 2020 we had changed our model to completely online so as to continue to support our partners the best we could.
    Last week we enjoyed our 265th online workshop which we did with our partner Mudita & Radhesh Pvt Ltd. #sharingknowledge

  • Wishing you a happy new year 2021. May everyone have good health, great resilience and determination to fulfill all your dreams.

    We are very glad to share that ACT 's initiative - KAAGAZ KE PAANKH - Bringing economic empowerment of women by upcycling waste to resource - has been selected and secured a position in the 10 best social enterprise cases in the Sitaram Rao Livelihoods India Case Study Competition 2020 under the non farm sector.

    We are happy that our efforts, processes , challenges and the achievements till now has been recognized and will be recorded in the Case Study compendum which will be released on 30th January , 2021 Saturday of the Livelihood India Summit to be held in Delhi at 10 am.

    Thank you to each one of you for your encouragement and belief in our idea and efforts and looking forward to your continuous support.

  • Shalomooty posted

    We are very happy to inform you all that shalom has secured a position in the best 10 cases in the Sitaram Rao Livelihoods India Case Study Competition 2020!
    our case will be included in the Case Study Compendium which will be released on the day three of the Livelihoods India Summit scheduled to be held on the January 30, 2021 between 10:00 am to 1:00 p.m. at New Delhi.

  • You will surely like to have a JUTE BAG rather than a oxygen cylinder ;)
    Since Jute is a durable material and has a lifespan of over a thousand plastic carry bags! 👜

    These bags are reusable, eco-friendly and foremost, these are Handmade! ♥️

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  • So our experts may not be able to travel to India, but that doesn't stop us from supporting our partners in India in their growth. Between April 1 and November 30, Women on Wings' consultants and experts moderated a total of 229 online sessions with our partners in India. All with one ultimate common goal: improving and creating livelihoods for families in rural India. #keepingtheconnection

  • Today we enjoyed our online workshop about online sales with the team of
    Rangsutra Crafts India Ltd. and our expert Ellen Oord. We have fond memories to workshops with the same team in Bikaner and Delhi when our experts Joost Theunis and Cornelie Guise could do brainstorms in a much more fun way. Looking forward to those days to come again soon 🙏

  • Another milestone: we just had our 200th online session since April 2020. We worked with our partner AgroTIE's team on its financials. Expert Anita Joosten joined today and she shall continue to work on AgroTie's financials more in detail next week.
    We are happy that we can continue our consultancy and mentoring online, but we count down the moment that travel is safe and we can meet our partners in India in person again 🙏.

  • AIACA Craft Kutumb - Shilp Udyam Samman

    To enhance economic dynamism in the sector, a number of areas need to be strengthened of which one of the major bottlenecks and needs is access to finance, especially for the smaller producers and grass root entrepreneurs. The producer entrepreneurs suffer from the vicious cycle of no stock, no direct access to market, no access to finance for leveraging market opportunities, and continued wage employment with traders.
    In order to neutralize the body blow of the lockdown forced by the COVID19 pandemic the Craft Kutumbs shilp-udyam samman will aim to fulfil the following objectives.
    Accelerate craft businesses which have the potential to grow by providing the much needed financial assistance to the deserving craft enterprises.
    Provide tangible and intangible inputs to augment the capacity for impact of a select set of entrepreneurs, craft groups or organizations selected through an established eligibility criteria and competitive selection process.
    Last Date: 15th December 2020
    Application Form:…

  • Today we facilitated our 189th online consultancy / mentoring session with our partners since April 1. Despite COVID-19 we continue supporting our partners as much as we can. A big thank you to all our experts who continue to share their #time & #talent online with social enterprises in India. All with one aim; to ultimately grow the organizations and co-create extra jobs for women in rural India. Happy Wednesday 🌹

  • Social media in times of COVID-19

    Do we use social media the same or different since COVID-19? I think it is the same. And with using social media, I mean the principles of social media-communication. The elaboration of the basic principles is of course different from before this crisis, because the circumstances have changed. Lots of things are uncertain, such as our future. However, a few things are certain. Firstly, many people will have a decrease of income or even lose their job. Secondly, during lockdown you can change your point of sales, and that is a great opportunity!

    Stay visible and connected
    One day we will go back to -a new?- normal. It is very important to stay connected with your audience in order to have them visit your business today online, so they will reconnect with you tomorrow in real-life. Social media is the ideal method for that. Harvard research shows that companies which invest in marketing during a crisis are more successful. Also, some companies use less paid advertising during COVID-19. Because of that, organic posts will reach more people.

    Boost your profile
    It is important to have a good profile on social media. Make sure it is correct and nothing is missing. This way people can find you!

    Act now
    All in all, my key message: create content, inspire and support your audience, align your strategy to your -new- goals and inform your employees so they know it too. Act now, stay positive and STAY CONNECTED!

    Danielle Pels
    Expert social media at Women on Wings

  • Hi Everyone,

    Kala Namak Rice- Black Pearl of Uttar Pradesh

    I'd like to introduce our organization, SES. We have been working in Uttar Pradesh from last 35 years. Though, We are working in the field of Health, Climate Change and Education. Working with farmer's is our primary focus. We have been working with 1000 farmers, mostly women. These farmers are engaged in cultivation of Kala Namak Rice. Kalanamak is one of the finest quality scented rices of India. It derives its name from black husk (kala = black; the suffix ‘namak’ means salt). This variety has been in cultivation since the Buddhist period (600 BC). It is quite popular in Himalayan Tarai (Siddharthnagar- named after Gautam Buddha)of eastern Uttar Pradesh, India, and is also known as the scented black pearl of Uttar Pradesh. It was also featured in the book 'Specialty rices of the world' by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The first effort for the conservation of Kalanamak was made by the Englishmen William Pepe, J H Hemprey, and Edcan Walker (Jamindars of Alidapur, Birdpur, and Mohana) during the British Raj. They built four reservoirs at Bajha, Marthi, Moti, and Majhauli to produce Kalanamak in a large quantity. They not only produced this variety for their own consumption, but transported it to England from Uska-bazar mandi, passing through Dhaka (now in Bangladesh) via sea route. Due to its increasing demand, the British captured the land around Kapilvastu, and established Birdpur and Alidapur states.

    it is one of product and one district scheme for district siddharthnagar by government of Uttar Pradesh.We are in registration stage of farming Farmer Producer Company "Buddha Bhumi FPO". Yet, we have large quantity of Kala Namak for consumption. If you need it for consumption . Please do whatsapp us at +91-9670881686.

    Looking Forward For Your Support.


  • Sadhna posted

    Sadhna is proud to announce that our artisan #choti was felicitated for her new design collection developed under the Hans foundation fellowship programme..
    Coming soon... her collection in our online store ..

  • FTF-I is looking at procuring 4000 Health and Safety Kits, to be distributed to women artisans enrolled under Project Social Transformation and Economic Empowerment of Women Artisans (STREE). All items in the Kit should be essentially made by women artisans. PFB an indicative list of items that the Kits should have
    ● Masks
    ● Face Towel
    ● Soaps
    ● Disinfectant
    ● Sanitizer
    ● Kit Bag
    The Cost of one Kit cannot exceed Rs. 240, inclusive of transport and Taxes and the Kits should be delivered within 1 month of order date. You may suggest more/different items for the Kit
    For more details please click here…

  • India Is us posted

    No better way of celebrating this teacher’s day by appreciating the ones who change the world one student at a time. Special acknowledgments to the group of determined professionals who go the extra mile for the specially-abled students.
    UDAI is this occasion’s #FeaturedNGOStory where the organization has been helping special students to develop and educate themselves.
    Happy #TeachersDay!
    #IndiaIsUs #teachers #teachersappeciation #guru #guidance #happyteachersday #womenonwings

  • We at Women on Wings have one aim: taking families in rural India out of poverty through economic development. We provide business knowledge and mentoring to Indian social enterprises that provide jobs to rural women. Together we build better companies that can sell more products so they can engage more rural women. We can bring in all expertises required to build sustainable companies. Below are the areas we can work on:

  • Very inspiring to see our partners joining hands with other organizations to generate sales and sustain livelihoods of artisans. Like our partner Kumaun Grameen Udyog's brand Kilmora that recently started collaborating with Kadaam Haat and Studio Coppre. Before Kilmora, our partner Okhai of Okhai also started looking for these co-selling collaborations which proof to be successful. We hope to welcome Kadaam Haat and Studio Coppre on this platform soon. The aim of this Women on Wings online community is to connect social enterprises with multiple stakeholders and create a network and community forum where knowledge and best practices can be shared. The ultimate aim is to service social enterprises in accelerating the growth of their businesses, leading to creation of more jobs for women in rural India.