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Contact person
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Siya C. Batra
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USO House, USO Road, 6 Jeet Singh Marg, Special Institutional Area, Block A,
New Delhi 110067

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About Us

Centre for Responsible Business (CRB) was established in 2011 as think-tank to pursue its vision, ‘businesses integrate sustainability into their core business practices’. Given that sustainability is a multi-dimensional problem especially in the context of India and other emerging economies, CRB has adopted a model of engaging multiple stakeholders to develop action plans for promoting sustainable/responsible business, across various sectors in India.

Our Vision

Businesses integrate sustainability into their core business practices

Our Mission

‘Create and provide high quality, affordable and accessible resources and services to enable businesses to fulfill their responsibilities to all stakeholders’

Area of focus
Circular Economy, Business & Human Rights, Private Sector & SDGs, Read More Voluntary Sustainability Standards, SMEs & Sustainability