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About the organization

Fair Trade Forum-India (FTF-I) is the national network for Fair Trade in India. FTF-I contributes to poverty alleviation and sustainable development by building a broader, multi-stakeholder movement for Fair Trade, one that encompasses producers, workers, consumers, people for a range of backgrounds, Institutions, Organizations, Government and the Fair Trade community. It promotes environment friendly practices, processes and products, at both the production and consumption levels and works actively to improve market conditions, build capacity of artisans and social entrepreneurs, Fair Trade assessment and development of supply chains. Promotion of Fair Trade in India includes particular emphasis on young consumers and the corporate sector..


It works with more than 100 members, mostly MSMEs ( Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises- Social enterprises & NGOs) that work with artisans and primary producers to produce handlooms, handicrafts, organic food items, cosmetics and body products. All our members follow the 10 Fair Trade Principles, which ensure that benefits of trading the items produced are shared uniformly over the entire supply chain. Special focus is given on capacity building and empowerment of artisans, which includes giving them fair wages, good working conditions, trainings on design development, quality, packaging, financial literacy, marketing etc. Over the last 15 years FTF-I, through it’s  interventions,  has impacted more than 5,00,000 producers/artisans by ensuring their overall development  and a dignified income. It also endeavors to develop the skills of marginalized youth to make them more employable so that they become capable of earning a decent livelihood. www.fairtradeforum.org

Please visit this Link to view a presentation about our work. Please take a look at our journey for the last 15 years  by clicking here, to understand how we are benefitting the artisans.

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Livelihood Generation and Fair Trade