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Shikha Bansal
Shikha Bansal • 6 May 2024
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Interview with a woman living in rural India

When a Women on Wings expert was in Dariyamau a few months ago to consult with SPOKSS, which sells its products under the brand name KOSH – the treasure of khadi, she met Suneeta and her oldest daughter Maheema (20).

“The technique of spinning is a skill which I inherited from my mother. It was considered as an asset, something a girl needed to master so she would be able to take care of an income on her own,” says Suneeta. “I started learning how to spin at the age of six.”

Suneeta, now 42 years old, spins organic cotton yarns for SPOKSS in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. She works on the so-called kesan charkha, a ‘farmers’ spinning tool’, which is foldable and easy to carry. 

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