Women on Wings receives Equivalency Determination from NGOsource

Shikha Bansal
Shikha Bansal • 28 November 2023
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When American philanthropy organizations want to make grants to organizations outside the United States, they must go through an elaborate and costly process to determine if the organization they want to support is the equivalent of a U.S. public charity.

Shilpa Mittal Singh, joint managing director at Women on Wings: “We are so thrilled to have sped up this process for American philanthropy organizations! We’ve received Equivalency Determination (ED) certified status through NGOsource!”

ED certified status means Women on Wings has undergone a vetting process so that potential funders from the states know that Women on Wings is equivalent to a U.S. public charity. With Women on Wings’ ED certified status these donors can more quickly and efficiently make grants to Women on Wings.

Women on Wings looks forward to new funding opportunities this could bring, so that its work of moving rural Indian families out of poverty via economic development can continue.

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