Shikha Bansal
Shikha Bansal

Why Culture Matters?
Repost: from Manisha Dua's post on 25.10.23

Culture is the fundamental driver of any organization’s success. A great company culture is essential for retaining top talent and building a strong brand.

Manisha Dua shared her thoughts on her latest read “CULTure” by Deepinder Goyal, CEO Zomato.

Started as a handbook for its employees and finally making it available publicly, this book carries a sneak peek into the mindset of founders and top management.

Key takeaways :

🎯Linear Hierarchy - Open the door to Leadership. Be approachable, be responsive, be empathetic, and be open to feedback.
🎯1% done – Maintain an unending appetite for growth, pushing boundaries and self- satisfaction. While relentlessly pursuing more, it’s crucial to celebrate both big and small successes to show appreciation and foster sense of belongingness among employees.
🎯Think "And" not "Or" - Straddle both extremes - long term and short term, freedom and responsibility, growth and profit, speed and quality. Reject the Tyranny of the OR and embrace the genius of the AND.
🎯Personal Responsibility- Embrace self-accountability for personal growth. Push your limits, embrace discomfort, and seek regular feedback. Remember, failure is a stepping stone to success: resilience is the key.
🎯 We before Me - While individual skills and talents are valuable, they reach their full potential when harnessed within a collaborative team. Collaboration complements strengths, compensates for weaknesses and celebrates success.
🎯Finish What You Start: Avoid indefinite projects. Divide into near-, mid-, or short-term goals. Completing projects on time defines a high-performance team.
🎯Growth lies in discomfort - "We do not resist discomfort; we resist loss". Take risks; there is no reward without risk.
🎯Making mistakes is acceptable- As long as you learn from them. Identifying errors is the first step to grow in both personal and professional life.
🎯Find a mentor - A mentor can play a vital role in helping you develop your skills, navigate your career, and achieve your goals.
🎯It's okay not to be okay -Take care of your health, including mental health. The important thing is to be open about your struggles and to ask for help when you need it.

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