Danielle Pels

Social media in times of COVID-19

Do we use social media the same or different since COVID-19? I think it is the same. And with using social media, I mean the principles of social media-communication. The elaboration of the basic principles is of course different from before this crisis, because the circumstances have changed. Lots of things are uncertain, such as our future. However, a few things are certain. Firstly, many people will have a decrease of income or even lose their job. Secondly, during lockdown you can change your point of sales, and that is a great opportunity!

Stay visible and connected
One day we will go back to -a new?- normal. It is very important to stay connected with your audience in order to have them visit your business today online, so they will reconnect with you tomorrow in real-life. Social media is the ideal method for that. Harvard research shows that companies which invest in marketing during a crisis are more successful. Also, some companies use less paid advertising during COVID-19. Because of that, organic posts will reach more people.

Boost your profile
It is important to have a good profile on social media. Make sure it is correct and nothing is missing. This way people can find you!

Act now
All in all, my key message: create content, inspire and support your audience, align your strategy to your -new- goals and inform your employees so they know it too. Act now, stay positive and STAY CONNECTED!

Danielle Pels
Expert social media at Women on Wings