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  • Richa Gaur posted

    United Nations has designated 24th January as the International Day of Education to celebrate the significant role of education in spreading peace and development.
    Women on Wings, in partnership with its business partners, has been creating livelihood opportunities for women in rural India. With a job and income come education opportunities for their children. Not just that, also the women are developing. They are upgrading their skills and becoming more self-confident and independent.

    During the pandemic, Rajni, a member of the Self-help group formed by our partner Action Center for Transformation (ACT) has been upgrading her skills. Rajni bought a mobile phone with her earnings and now she is learning to make videos on her phone of her upcycled products. She has now changed from an introverted, shy person to a confident woman who expresses herself through her creativity.

    Kumkum, another member of ACT, earns income from upcycled paper products. But these days, Kumkum makes cloth masks to support the battle against COVID-19. In the lockdown, Kumkum is at home and can give quality time to her two bright children. Her husband is a gardener in a nearby college and earns a meager amount. Thanks to the income she continues to earn from the mask making, Kumkum can save money till schools re-open. She is determined to provide her children with a good education so that they will have a bright future.
    There are many such inspiring women, who share a similar story of grit and resilience and who work to generate income to support themselves and their families and to provide education to their children. If you want to read more about Rajni, Kumkum, and many other women, please visit our ‘get inspired’ webpage.

  • Richa Gaur posted

    This week's tip!
    Unlocking your team's creativity can sometimes be a challenge for managers.
    Here are three common fallacies that might be getting in the way — and how to avoid them.

  • Richa Gaur posted

    This week's tip
    Every leader wants to solve the puzzle of what makes a high-performing team. One-piece that’s often missing is the importance of social connections. If you're trying to supercharge your team, here are research-backed ways you can foster greater connectedness.

  • Srislokagroup posted

    That was our first commercial Ad ! However it was not 100% commercial ad.....

    The story should start with Nayana AR, from Kerala a passionate digital creator by heart and software engineer by profession and her instinct social responsibility is her identity.
    When our founder Jyothi Pappu approached her for few videos on our products she shared the prototype as for every commercial product, but later things turned out beautiful after listening to our journey of handcrafting Nutreat and the social responsibility behind its handcrafting.
    She was ready to do it for us at very minimal costs (just for raw material) and not a single penny for the shoot.
    " People like Nayana are rare ! joining hands for some good cause is very common but execution is unreal. But this beautiful collaboration of Nutreat and 9apixelsfineart happened for the same cause and there were 4 such beautiful videos as example. This #happypongal video is a tiara on collaborating with few more like minded ladies RJ Hasya with her soothing voice over and idea credits- Lakshmi Prasanna a 22 year old student.

    The beauty behind the video is- it's all a women lead video, produced by woman, directed by woman, DOP by woman and Voice by woman" making the statement 2 ladies can't make a task effective a myth :)

    #happypongal dear WoW

    Video at

  • Richa Gaur posted

    This week's tip!
    How can you develop habits that will help you create a good work-life balance and avoid burnout?

  • Dream Weaver works for women's livelihood and empowerment. We are giving stitching and embroidery training to underprivileged women in Faridabad, Haryana. Up-till the date we have given 400+ women training and 75 women are currently with us in training and working.

  • First ever Porridge Tasting event in India| Nutreatlife | Smt. ManjuLatha K

    Porridge- a comfort food, a whole food, a nutritious food, one pot recipe etc. it got many such exotic names and each country has its own story of porridge to tell this word.
    Look at the porridge rituals around the world, its beauty lies in its acceptability by all ages and intensifying nutrient values. In love with the indigenous porridge Nutreat has initiated “Porridge Tasting Party” to tell a new story — “The Lost culture of Porridge”.

    On December 24th 2021, at Artocinno, Hyderabad in collaboration with Unekha- Nutreat has organized India’s first ever tasting party with 15 invitees.
    The motto of the event is to introduce lost porridges from different countries of the world and present to these foodies. Porridges inspired from traditional recipes of India, Ethiopia, Jamaica, UAE & China were reconstructed with Indian local ingredients.

    The party was inaugurated by Smt.Manjulatha K Senior Editor at Indian Express, Creator of Rice Bucket Challenge and a Foodie by heart. The event was personally hosted by our Founder Jyothi Sri Pappu, to narrate the story of porridge all way from ages of human kind.
    It was totally unique & first ever healthy food conversation setup in the presence great food lovers.
    Our porridge tasting party has deep intension of reintroducing the porridge culture which is the healthiest option for all age groups from ages. But however due to globalization & modernization people has left the traditional culture of porridge all over the world. Nutreat dreams re-introduce this wonderful recipe which is a whole food and a solution for many health problems these days through handcrafting with the help of food-lovers.
    Are you with us? Join us folks !
    To more on porridge tasting party check our page Porridge Tasting Parties — Nutreatlife

  • Suee is a fashion & lifestyle label that creates exquisite handcrafted handloom products. Run and found by two NIFT graduates, Hiba and Krishna, we started off as a social entrepreneurship project in 2018 from Kannur in Kerala.  Officially registered as a SUEE STORE LLP in March 2020. Suee has successfully built a niche clientele pan India who love our handloom collections. Our brand has received great appreciation for our sustainable production practices using natural dyes and raw materials thus promoting ethical consumerism. Our indo-western apparel styles are also hugely popular among the young and old alike given the affordable price ranges they offer and the comfort of the fabric and fit.  
    Suee was started with the aim of empowering rural artisans and uplifting the dying Handloom industry. We are associated with more than 200 artisans across the country. As a women run entrepreneurship Suee focuses in helping the rural women by giving training programmes and helping them earn a living by working from home.

    We operate our sale mostly through our e-commerce site ( ), digital platforms and have placed our merchandise in the Lulu Fashion Store in LULU MALL, Kochi, Lulu Mall Trivandrum, Ambal Multi designer store Fort Kochi and Weavers Village Trivandrum, apart from regularly participating in exhibitions and pop ups in different cities.


  • Richa Gaur posted

    Hire and retain the talent
    This week's tip!
    It’s tough to hire good talent right now and that’s especially true when it comes to employees with skills, who are in particularly high demand.
    To identify and attract top talent, regardless of your industry, try these approaches:

  • And that's why we have this platform...

  • Economic and social progress over the last century has been accompanied by environmental degradation that is endangering the very systems on which our future development — indeed, our very survival — depends.

    Mis-consumption and food wastage by few developed and developing countries is pushing many underdeveloped countries towards cursing edge called "food scarcity". Flipping lives towards hunger deaths and also provoking for increase in the crime rate and eating his own species.

    How food wastage and disposal shows its impact on this world? What is really necessary to reduce or cutoff this mince? What is the role of developing and developed countries and their initiatives to help the other underdeveloped countries to get out of this pathetic and heart throbbing situations?

    Let's Listen
    Marasmus, kwashiorkor, rickets,night blindness,...etc. I guess you all have heard these fancywords related to carbohydrate, protein and various vitamins and mineral deficiencies respectively but this is only one side of the coin. On the other side it is really pathetic scenario nothing but starvation simply called " HUNGER "......"A little story on Food wastage by Dr.Ch.Sravanthy Sambasiva rao.

    Listen the Podcast here......…

    At Nutreat we support UN-SDG-12

    We always procure our raw ingredients only in minimal quantities and only from direct farmers. So that there is no wastage due to spoilage of the ingredients.


    Nutreat ensures responsible production through "Pre-order" processing concept. We don't store a single tin or pack for future use. Any quantities left over will be sent as "freebie" on the same day.


    We educate and encourage our customers to place minimum quantities that ensure freshness as well as no wastage of food. Also we guide them how can they recycle the packaging.


  • Richa Gaur posted

    Is your team ready to face another crisis?
    If the last 1.5 year has taught us anything it’s that it pays to be prepared for a crisis.
    This applies to your team too, and if you're managing a distributed team — one where employees are working from multiple cities, states, or even countries — it's possible that a disruption, such as a natural disaster, will impact some of your employees. Here are some tips to make sure your team is able to withstand turmoil and recover quickly:

  • Richa Gaur posted

    This week's tip!
    Stop getting in the way of your own creativity!
    When you’re trying to innovate, emotions like fear, doubt, regret, and frustration can get in your way. Yet, they’re normal to feel. So how do you manage these feelings so they don’t stand in your way of being creative? Here are some common emotional hurdles — and what to do about them.

  • Woman's health through a lost recipe- Genfo

    Woman's health was given highest priority all over the world. Deep into any culture, women especially during pregnancy & after delivery had been nourished with wonderful recipes that ensures her health there after. In recent recent research for lactating woman's recipes from different countries we found this amazing "Ethiopian Recipe"- Genfo

    Genfo- a porridge made with barley or husked wheat is given to pregnant & lactating women for stronger back and improving the breast milk quality as well as quantity.

    "Genfo is usually made with slow roasted barley or wheat, butter and jaggery and made into a thick creamy porridge in a clay pot stirred with a wooden spoon."

    This ensures hydration, also acts as diuretic making it so good for weight loss and diabetic.

    But over times, this 150 year old amazing recipe was overlooked and completely vanished even in the culture of Ethiopia. But we guess it's time to reconstruct it and nourish ourselves with the goodness of barley.

  • At Nutreat, we believe that our tradition & culture are the strong roots for our country's unique & anchored health. With the same belief we have 3000+ happy customers who agreed & joined our journey of "having handcrafted foods made traditionally”

    We want to set one's heart to feel & choose "Nutreat" as one & only one brand which offers best premixes traditionally handcrafted and It's our burning desire that the world makes "Nutreatlife" as their first choice of approach for "Customizing premixes for their unique requirements". More than 150 rural women are daily handcrafting these exotic recipes for all age groups right from 6th month baby to 80 year old. We do take the pride of procuring our raw ingredients for crafting these foods direct from the natural farmers of India but not from brokers or dealers.

    Nutreat is collaborating with rural women of Assam and local small farmers here for handcrafting Nu’Tea” aiming the true flavor with 100% real tea. This project will come live from October 18th 2022 in association with 20 rural women and 3 farmers from the Sibsagar, Assam.

    You can experience the crafted foods at or whatsapp 9848604589

  • Richa Gaur posted

    This week's tip!
    Let us make learning a part of our daily practice!
    No matter what industry you’re in or how long you’ve been in it, the ability to learn is an essential skill.
    It’s a regular practice of trying out new things and seeing the world in new ways.
    Here are some simple steps to achieve it.

  • Richa Gaur posted

    This week's tip!
    Do you hate networking?
    Do you feel awkward making small talk when meeting new people?
    Do you hate the feeling of walking into a large conference hall and seeing a sea of strangers?
    Networking doesn’t have to be scary or hard. Here's how to navigate these uncomfortable waters. And here is a tip for you.

  • Want to extend an invite to the WoW community for the Global Social Business Summit 2021 organized by Yunus Center and Grameen Creative Lab

    The YSB team is hosting the India forum this year on 9 November, 3 - 6:30 PM. Catch us for an exciting afternoon session filled with enthralling talks by leading practitioners and experts from the Indian Social Business ecosystem.

    This year we decode the social business movement through the lenses of academic pedagogy, youth entrepreneurship, dynamic acceleration & incubation, innovative & blended finance and support mechanisms.

    We invite students, aspiring social entrepreneurs, impact investing practitioners and enthusiasts and social impact workers to come and join the conversation!

    Sharing details for Event 1 below!

    To attend:
    Register here for the India forum:
    Register for the GSBS 2021 main event:

  • Richa Gaur posted

    This week's tip.

    If your company is putting a hybrid-work plan in place, you can’t assume you’ll know how well it’s working.

    You need to solicit your employees.

  • Richa Gaur posted

    This week's tip!

    You’ve heard it time and time again: overwork is bad for you.

    It hurts your productivity — and your health. So give yourself permission to dial it back, even just a little.